Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational Vehicle Insurance Information



Greater Risk Requires Greater Protection

Your RV is a temporary home packed with amenities and valuable possessions. It may also carry multiple travelers and across long distances that demand reliability. The potential for property loss and damage, and the need for passenger liability and emergency back-up are greater than a car.

There are several classifications for recreational vehicles, and a wide range of coverage options available for them. The Alliance Group of Western NY’s team of RV experts learn about your RV, your frequency and type of use, and your risk tolerance to craft an insurance plan that covers your needs effectively and meets your budget.

Here are common coverage options:

  • •  Total loss recovery/agreed value
  • •  Emergency expense
  • •  Vacation liability
  • •  Personal effect replacement
  • •  Full-timers package
  • •  Roadside assistance

Here is a list of RV categories:

  • •  Motor homes, including classes A, B, and C
  • •  Professional and non-professional bus conversions
  • •  Motor coaches
  • •  Camper vans

There is a lot to consider when choosing an insurance plan for your RV in the Rochester, NY area. Let the specialists at The Alliance Group of Western NY guide you with their experience and access to quality, cost effective programs.

Whether you have an existing plan or need a new one, contact The Alliance Group of Western NY today for a free consultation about your RV insurance. For a free quote, contact us or call us at (585) 388-8001.